30,000 kilometres recorded on day 239 of campaign

30,000 kilometres recorded on day 239 of campaign

Mathew Dickerson well on track to delivering campaign promise

He promised to visit every locality in the electorate and independent candidate, Mathew Dickerson, isn’t shying away from the challenge having clocked up 30,000 kilometres by day 239 of his campaign. Mr Dickerson made that promise on 22 May last year as he announced his endeavour to become the voice of the Dubbo electorate come the state election on 23 March.

There is no doubting the enormity of the task and the size of the electorate. 17,352.89 square kilometres. That is only five per cent smaller in area than the entire country of Fiji! Across such a large area, issues are bound to be different and it has proven to be so.

Mr Dickerson has met with people in 114 localities so far with only 17 left to go. That doesn’t mean Mr Dickerson will stop listening though. He will continue to listen until the day of the election and, just as he did during his five years as Mayor, he will continue to listen to all people across the electorate.

There are some issues of commonality across the electorate but, more often than not, issues raised are specific to the area and the individual. That is why Mr Dickerson believes it is so important to travel the length and breadth of the electorate and be accessible to all people across each community.

Nino in Carcalgong discussed Crown Lands; Natalie in Curra Creek discussed health and power; Ruth in Bocoble had concerns about consent conditions; Bob in Ulan talked mining; Leoni in Yarrabin had water and fish on her mind and Gary in Maitland Bar wanted changes in licensing laws. These are just small snippets from over a thousand hours of conversations that Mr Dickerson has participated in during the campaign.

Mr Dickerson took 100 days for the first 10,000km; 82 days for the next 10,000km and only 57 days for the third 10,000km. During this campaign, he has held over 1,000 meetings, sometimes with just one person and at other times he has stood in front of groups of almost 100 people.

“This is an old-fashioned authentic method of finding out what really matters to the people in this electorate.”

“I will continue to travel the electorate right up until the election and then, if I am elected, I promise that I will continue to communicate with people across the entire area. This is no less than the people of this electorate deserve.”

“As I travel people often ask me for the common theme across each community. By travelling to all parts of the electorate I am able to hear what is important to different people in different areas,” Mr Dickerson said.

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