Camera equipped ear cleaning tweezers. 

Smartphone controlled paper airplane. 

Smartphone connected speed cube. 

Tesla coil USB rechargeable lighter. 

Bond broken plastic devices without glue. 

Create your own reel viewer. 

Levitating plant pot. 

Magnetic levitating lamp with wireless phone charger. 

Insanely cool looking Bluetooth speaker. 

Handheld laser engraver and cutter. 

Illuminated doodle pillowcase. 

Speak more than 36 languages. 

Is it time for a smart ring? 

Palm-sized STEM robot dog. 

Self-balancing cupholder. 

Fly your own Ornithopter. 

Educational robot kit. 

Multifunctional headlamp with motion sensor. 

Cloud-connected ring bound notebook. 

Portable personal gym. 

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