Blood Pressure Monitoring with Just the Tip of Your Finger. 

Question to ChatGPT: Write a Short Paragraph about the Status of ChatGPT. 

Which EV Has Ended the 28-Year Reign of the Toyota Camry as the Best-Selling Sedan in Australia? 

Would You Be Happy to Fly on an Airbus That Requires Fewer People in the Cockpit? 

What Does the Data Show for the Progression of EV Sales around the World? 

AI Introduction to the 100th Episode. 

Alphabet Stock Plummets by $144 Billion Due to Google AI Error. 

The Latest Tool for Charity Scammers Is AI-Generated Art. 

Remote Kissing over the Internet for Long-Distance Relationships. 

Beverage Printer Lets You Customise Your Drink: One Molecule at a Time. 

NSW Schools Consider Prison Tactics to Curb Mobile Misuse. 

3D Printed Cheesecake. Mmmm. Cheesecake. 

A Call to Remember from Fifty Years Ago. 

Can Your Eyes See the Detail in an 8K TV?

Giant Gravity Batteries Battle Renewable Energy Roadblocks. 

Apple and Google Grapple with AirTag Stalking. 

Swedish Streets Will Have World’s First Permanent EV-Charging Road by 2025. 

Sustainable, Spoilage-Sensing Wraps Show Promising Potential. 

Dundee’s Degree for Digital Doers Will Boost Expertise in Esports. 

McCartney Announces ‘Final’ Beatles Song Drawn from Lennon’s Old Demo – with Some AI. 

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