About Mathew Dickerson

Who is Mathew

Mathew is a self-made award-winning businessman having started six successful small businesses over a thirty-year period.

Mathew’s background has a technological slant and, in addition to his business success in this field, he also communicates widely on the topic.
• His weekly column, ‘Tech Talk’, appears in 120 newspapers across Australia.
• He has a weekly radio segment, ‘Tech Talk’, on three regional radio stations.

In addition to his technology radio segment, he also has a regular small business radio segment on the ABC broadcast across Australia.

In addition to his business success, which has seen him collect local; state, national and international awards, Mathew believes in giving back to his local community.

He served on his local Council for twelve years including five as Mayor and three as Deputy Mayor. He joined Rotary over twenty years ago and continues to be a very active Member of his Club.

In pursuing charitable outcomes for his community, he created the Tour de OROC which, in conjunction with his Rotary Club, has raised almost half a million dollars towards Macquarie Home Stay. The event also holds two Guinness World Records. He was also a founding member of Cancer Council Orana Relay for Life which also secured a Guinness World Record.

Mathew created the richest MTB Series in Australia, the Evocities MTB Series, and, in conjunction with his local Chamber of Commerce, created the unique CEO Series where ASX 200 CEOs presented talks to local Chamber audiences.

He is an award-winning author with three books to his name and has travelled the world delivering presentations for multi-national organisations. While comfortable on the world stage, Mathew also volunteers his time to local aged-care facilities to recite poetry for the residents.

Mathew is passionate, intelligent and knowledgeable with a desire to share his extensive knowledge through a variety of media formats.

Feedback & Reviews

Mathew Dickerson is an entertaining and thought-provoking speaker. With his background in small business, technology, community enterprise and the volunteering space, Mathew brings a wide breadth of experiences, insight and vision to any topic for any audience. 

What Can I Do for You?

I share my experience and expertise by presenting at public speaking engagements, in my weekly columns and radio segments as well as consulting business owners and Managed Services Providers on how to become more productive.

I’m a public speaker with a background in small business, technology, community enterprise and the volunteering space. I bring a wide breadth of experiences, insight and vision to any topic for any audience.  Energetic and engaging, I will encourage my audiences to come away thinking. 

I regularly perform work for businesses to help them transition their business model. This is most often in relation to IT businesses but the same principles apply to a range of different businesses. I have been involved in creating and running Advisory Boards for organisations and I am a firm believer in the value of an Advisory Board.

I am the author of the SLAM DVD and founder of Small Business Ru!es. In 2000, I commenced research on the development of a superior business model in a quest to bridge the gap between customer needs and the services provided. As a direct result of its SLA approach, the firm has won 20 major business awards over recent years, including Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner of the Year Award and an award for Innovation from The Australian Business Council in 2006. 

Need Advice?

Have a question, need advice or want to get serious about your business? Let me know how I can help by getting in touch.

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