All localities visited in the electorate

All localities visited in the electorate

Mathew Dickerson ticked off locality 131 on day 247 of the campaign after travelling 31,528km

He promised to visit every locality in the electorate and independent candidate, Mathew Dickerson, has today completed a promise he made on the day of his announcement. On 22 May 2018, Mr Dickerson declared that he would visit every single official locality in the electorate and have a conversation with people in that locality about what was important to them. The visit to Wongarbon at 11am today sees this particular mission completed.


In August Mr Dickerson had the name of each locality placed on his vehicle and from that time has had someone in each locality place a tick next to the locality name to indicate he had visited that area. It is a visual demonstration of the commitment that Mr Dickerson made in being a representative for every single person in every single location across the electorate. There is no doubting the enormity of the task completed and the size of the electorate. 17,352.89 square kilometres. That is only five per cent smaller in area than the entire country of Fiji!


Mr Dickerson knew that the issues would be different across the electorate and it has proven to be so. To the extreme west of the electorate are Dandaloo and Trangie which are in extreme contrast to the East of the electorate where Lue and Totnes Valley are located. To the North are localities such as Bundemar and Eumungerie with issues different to Crudine and Kerrs Creek in the South. In the middle are the major population centres such as Dubbo; Mudgee; Wellington and Narromine.


Armed with feedback from the community, Mr Dickerson can now continue to develop his Purple Papers to further explore issues that residents have told him are important. With more than a thousand conversations across the electorate, and more to come, Mr Dickerson feels very well placed to have conversations about what is needed across the electorate.


“It is very enjoyable hearing stores from people across the electorate. Everyone has an interesting story to tell and the needs are as diverse as the region. Sally at Bara supplements her farm income with unique accommodation offerings. Jeff at Birriwa is experimenting with different crops. Ruth and Tim at Bocoble have concerns about consent conditions. Ted at Burrundulla wants more tourism for his wine. Dave at Cooyal needs cheaper petrol. Tony at Curra Creek has demonstrated how to live off the grid. Peter at Euchareena is limited by the roads feeding his property. Eric at Geurie has survived the drought using different farming methods. Albert at Green Gully needs better health facilities in Mudgee. Susie at Mullamuddy needs better phone reception. The list goes on with conversations I had with people across the electorate but there is one common thread. Everyone wants better representation and better outcomes for themselves and the wider electorate. People want to know their voice is heard,” said Mr Dickerson.


“I will continue to travel the electorate right up until the election and then, if I am elected, I promise that I will continue to communicate with people across the entire area. I will commit to a minimum visitation to every locality across a two-year cycle. This is no less than the people of this electorate deserve.”


A myriad of issues have been raised as Mathew has travelled the electorate and this will continue right up until the day of the election. If elected, Mr Dickerson will be the best placed candidate to represent the electorate. As an Independent, Mathew promises to represent the electorate with honesty and integrity, and without the constraints of a party structure.


“It is clear where my only priority is and I will not be torn between masters. I will only be answerable to the people of this electorate,” concluded Mr Dickerson.

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