This famous quote, often attributed to Zig Ziglar, is a reflection on the indiscernible quality of attitude that is so desirable in a business and in individuals, but can’t be taught in our schooling system.

I have always said give me someone with the right attitude, and I will teach them the skills I need. You can have all the education and all the knowledge in the world, but if you go into any project, any day, or any meeting with a negative attitude, you will not be successful. It is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Attitude goes hand in hand with commitment. If you have an attitude of success, you will commit to that success, and you will find the resources to persist until you succeed. Everyone brings joy to an office, some when they enter, some when they leave…

Larry Pickering is Australia’s second best known cartoonist, but he started newspaper life as a proofreader. The proofreaders were seen as second class—only checking what the “more talented” journalists had created.

Larry had a great attitude, and one day made the “decision” to be the newspaper’s first ever editorial cartoonist. With no cartooning background, the initial request was greeted with a solid no (and some mirth).

With a positive attitude, he practised cartooning at home each night for a year, until he felt confident that the cartoons were so good they couldn’t be ignored. Still without a natural avenue to the editorial staff, he found out which urinal the editor used and started posting daily cartoons where they would have the editor’s undivided attention for at least a minute each day.

The cartoons became quite a phenomenon in the office where even the women started visiting the men’s room to view the latest cartoon. Eventually the editor had no choice but to demand the creator of these cartoons be brought to his office so he could offer him the cartoonist’s job.

A positive attitude and persistence won the day, and millions of laughs were generated across Australia due to one man’s positive attitude.

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