Precision Paintball Protection: A Closer Look at AI-Enhanced Home Security. 

Smart Security: Swann’s AI Doorbell Deters Dubious Doorstep Dwellers. 

Magnetic Marvels: China’s Maglev Might Makes 4,000 km/h Milestone. 

Batteries Buzzing in Backyards: Power Tools Pivot from Petrol. 

Step-Powered Purification: Body Static Fuels Water Safety. 

Griefbots and Goodbyes: Gauging Gadgets for Grieving. 

Flag Flap: Apple’s Emoji Error Ignites International Incident. 

Adobe’s AI Ascent: Premiering Pioneering Pro Tools. 

Speedy Skies: Boom Supersonic’s Soaring Start with XB-1 Prototype. 

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