Who funds our roads? What about schools? Hospitals? Waste management? Who controls the legislation that impacts our lives on a daily basis? For many people, including those that are involved in various levels of Government, it is often difficult to know exactly what level of Government is the one to turn to when we have a question.

When I first became Mayor, I quickly realised that this was a major issue for our residents. People were booking appointments to see me and then, five seconds into the meeting, I would realise they were asking for help for an area that was outside the controls of Council. To help combat this issue, the Federal Member for Parkes, the Hon Mark Coulton MP, the Deputy Premier and Member for Dubbo the Hon Troy Grant MP; and myself made a commitment shortly after I became Mayor to hold 3 public meetings a year where the three levels of Government stand side-by-side. We started this almost five years ago and, to this day, we still can’t find anywhere else in Australia where you will see the three levels of holding a combined public meeting on a regular basis.

The residents of Dubbo again have this opportunity to connect with your Community Leaders when this Saturday, from 7.30am to 9.30am, we will be hosting a public breakfast at the Cyril Flood Rotunda on Church Street. Not only will we have our Federal Member, State Member and myself but we have Councillors and staff from Council present. I welcome any questions; ideas or issues to be brought forward. No conversation is off-limits. If you have something to say then you are invited. We have had some great ideas come forward from previous breakfasts and I am sure this breakfast will be no different.

Congratulations to the fourteen organisations who, earlier this week, were presented with their share of $10,000 in our biannual Financial Assistance Cheque Presentation. I am constantly amazed and impressed with how much these organisations manage to do with the small amount of money they receive from Council. It is these type of Not-For-Profit organisations that toil away without any expectation of reward that make Dubbo a fantastic place to live.

The first race in the Evocities MTB Series is being held in Bathurst this Sunday. This series was only launched last year but is already recognised across the nation as a major event.

Councillor Mathew Dickerson

Mayor of the City of Dubbo

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