Dubbo Trivia Questions:


1.     Dubbo was gazetted as a village on 23 November 1849 and declared a municipality on 19 February 1872 with its first Mayor elected on 24 April 1872. It is now a City.

a.     What decade was it declared a City?

2.     Dubbo has a fortunate position geographically with the joining of three highways.

a.     Name the three highways that join at Dubbo.

3.     Dubbo has three major shopping centres. Two are in the main street of Dubbo, Macquarie Street, and one is on the road from Wellington to Dubbo.

a.     Name two of the three major centres. Only current names will be accepted.

4.     Multiple choice: Tracker-Riley Cycleway is a popular location for running and cycling. Over 300 people use it each Saturday morning for Parkrun.

a.     Who was it named after?

                                                              i.      Former Council General Manager, Mark Riley?

                                                            ii.      Aboriginal Police Sergeant, Alex Riley?

                                                         iii.      Investment firm, Riley Investments, named after their Index Tracker product?

                                                          iv.      Famous Dubbo Aboriginal photographer and film-maker and co-founder of the Boomalli Aboriginal Artists Cooperative, Michael Riley?

5.     An amusing urban myth spread many years ago was that Wellington was offered the Taronga Western Plains Zoo before Dubbo but Wellington rejected it due to fears from the residents about wild animals roaming the streets of Wellington if they escaped. The Zoo is now the largest regional tourist attraction in the State with over 300,000 visitors each year.

a.     In what decade was the Zoo opened?

6.     Dubbo has four FM radio stations and one AM radio station for a total of five local broadcasters.

a.     Name three of the five radio stations.

7.     Dubbo has one newspaper that is printed six days per week and two weekly newspapers.

a.     Name two of the three local newspapers.

8.     Old Dubbo Gaol is the region’s second most visited tourist attraction. It operated as an actual Gaol from 1847 to 1966 and re-opened as a tourist attraction in 1974. A visit to the Gaol allows users to experience the solitary cell and look at the gallows.

a.     How many prisoners were executed at the Gaol? I will accept plus or minus twenty per cent. 

9.     There are two senior Rugby Union teams in Dubbo with the history of one Club stretching back as far as 1899. They both have an animal in their team name.

a.     Name the animal in either team name.

10.There is some conjecture over the meaning of the name Dubbo. For many years one meaning was accepted but it is now thought to be a mispronunciation of the local Wiradjuri word Thubbo. Thubbo is Wiradjuri for ‘head covering’ and the shape of Robert Dulhunty’s original house looked like a hat to the local people.

a.     For many years the meaning of the word Dubbo was thought to relate to the local landscape. Give me the previously well accepted meaning of the word Dubbo.

11.Until recently, Dubbo Airport had regular direct scheduled flights to 7 destinations.

a.     Name 4 of those destinations.

12.Dubbo has a range of government and non-government employers in the City.

a.     Name the largest employer in the city of Dubbo.

13.Dubbo is well catered for in terms of education. It has over twenty schools and secondary colleges and a TAFE campus that services 4,000 students outside of Dubbo. There are also two Universities with a presence in Dubbo.

a.     Name one of the two Universities within Dubbo.

14.A neighbouring town lays claim to a famous Australian Test cricketer as one of their own but he was actually born in Dubbo.

a.     Name the most famous Australian Test Cricketer born in Dubbo.

15.Dubbo has had two bands that have gone onto national acclaim. One band was formed in the seventies and one member was the son of then Dubbo-based Liberal Party leader and State Member for Dubbo, John Mason which led to various headlines about the MP’s dope smoking son. The band had a 1981 song that was voted one of the Top 10 Australian songs by APRA. The other band was formed in early 2000s and received a total of 7 APRA and ARIA nominations. Their name came from the car of one of their band members that used a lot of fuel.

a.     Name one of the two most famous bands to come from Dubbo.

16.Multiple choice: Dubbo has diverse employment opportunities and an unemployment rate one per cent below the national average.

a.     Name the number one employment sector in Dubbo. Choose from:

                                                              i.      Agriculture

                                                            ii.      Retail

                                                         iii.      Health and Social Services

                                                          iv.      Education

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