Play a hypothetical game with me. Imagine that
Queensland has just elected a crazy premier (as if that would ever happen!), who had decided to solve the problem of
the exploding frog (cane toad) population in Queensland by passing a new law.

Every Queenslander must eat one frog per day!

No one liked this, but everyone knew it was for
the good of the state.

As you walked around Queensland, you saw some
people happy and smiling and going about their business while others looked sad
and worried.

The happy residents had eaten their frog for
breakfast. They had performed their most unpleasant task of the day first, and
everything from then on was easy. How could anything in their day be worse than
eating a frog?

The sad residents were the ones who knew they
had yet to eat their frog. They spent their day dreading eating that frog. Some
even left it to midnight before they finally ate that frog. Their entire day
was spent thinking of that terrible moment when green, oily, warty skin touched
their tongue.

As the hours passed, a lot of valuable time and
energy was wasted that could have been productive before facing the inevitable
green bedtime snack.

Wouldn’t it be much better to just eat the frog
for breakfast?

The translation to business? Do the things you
like least first and get them out of the way. It frees up the day to revel in
what you enjoy most, rather than having the “bad jobs” hanging over your head
all day.

When you face a task that is difficult or
unpleasant, the best choice is to put it at the top of your “To Do” list. Got to pay some accounts? Do it first.
Got to visit the dentist? Book that appointment. Got to vote in the Queensland
election? Get it out of the way.

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