am sure all of the readers of this column have a family member who is lucky
enough to be technically obsessed – so today I thought I would look at some
gift ideas for those people who think a piece of sporting equipment would be a
great device to gather spider webs on and jewellery is good for the Gold within
that could be melted and used in electronic devices.

start with the future, I want to go back in time. Nintendo is one of the
largest video game companies and was founded way back in 1889. Obviously they
didn’t have video games in 1889 (Edison only invented the light bulb in 1879)
but they originally produced handmade playing cards. In 1985 they released the
Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) which became the best-selling gaming
console of its time. Nintendo have now released the NES Classic Edition where
you can enjoy 30 classic games including Super Mario Bros.; Donkey Kong; Legend
of Zelda and one of my arcade favourites, Pac-Man. Parents might even have a
chance of beating their kids on games they grew up on!

ten-second videos are perfect for the short attention spans of our modern
society. The problem is that it takes longer to take your phone out of your
pocket and get it ready to video than the actual video. Not anymore. Snap’s
spectacles capture a ten-second video that you can easily share on Snapchat. To
take out the creepy factor, a light on the glasses shows when you are currently

Reality has been discussed ad infinitum but the headsets are now starting to
become reasonably priced at good quality. After extensive research, my son
splurged on the Sony Playstation VR headset and I can vouch for the sometimes too
realistic feel of the headset. With this you can be Spiderman or ride a roller
coaster or pilot a spaceship. Head movements can be used to control your
direction and the Playstation Move motion controllers put your hands into the

cameras galore on our phones, printing photos seems so yesterday – but maybe
the concept is coming back. There is nothing like that little photo wall in
your bedroom or a great photo stuck on the fridge. HP have just released a
portable photo printer that will allow a Bluetooth connection from your phone
to print direct to the printer. Quick, easy and simple and the quality of the
photos is impressive for a small portable printer.

explored Bluetooth standards in a previous article but one of the great
advances of Bluetooth since the invention of the concept has been the low power
consumption of the technology. You can now use a Tile – a small device about
the size of a 50-cent piece – to track any device you want to keep tabs on.
Keys, wallet, children (not sure on the legality of attaching one to your
child) or even, in the case of my daughter, teddy bears. You can track the
location with your smartphone or make the device emit a tone to track it down
precisely when you are nearby.

you want your techie family member to remember you every day (or in the case of
some techies, every week), the Bluetooth Showerhead Speaker is the one for you.
The waterproof speaker lets you stream music or podcasts from a phone nearby
and simply clips out of its magnetic holder to recharge or use in another room.
It takes singing in the shower to an entirely new level.

the last suggestion, I am going to go with jewellery that is not exactly
traditional. This cocktail ring syncs with a phone to function as an alert for
texts; calls; calendar alerts and more. Vibrations and coloured lights let you
know to check your phone. There are different vibration and colour options to
distinguish among different alerts. And to keep the price down, it has been
made with cubic zirconia rather than the normal Carbon allotrope.

are tens of thousands of Web sites just waiting to take your money for geeky
and gimmicky gadgets. Enjoy the creativity of the people who create these

Mathew Dickerson


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