You have a new idea. You are uncertain of the consequences if it doesn’t work, and you are nervous about implementing it. Sometimes you don’t try it because you are nervous about the implications or the ramifications.

Think about it again. What is the absolute worst that could happen by pursuing your idea? Try to quantify it. Will people laugh at you? Will you lose money? How much? Actually write down the absolute worst that could possibly happen.

Usually it isn’t that bad.

Normally when you quantify the worst outcome, it is nowhere near as bad as an uncertain cloud of unknown outcomes.

Don’t get me wrong—I accept that sometimes the outcomes will be disappointing or embarrassing or you may lose money. You may have your confidence dented. As Einstein said, “Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.” I have had some ideas that have gone horribly wrong.


No one ate me!

No matter how bad the idea is or how bad the implementation, your clients, your staff, and your associates won’t eat you.

Moreover, when you think of it like that, you gain a lot more confidence, and everything you achieve is a bonus.


N.B.—Ignore this advice if you are in the business of selling oversized cooking pots to members of the Carib tribe!

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