10,000 kilometres so far and counting

100 days of campaigning so far and 10,000km travelled with many more kilometres to come

When Mathew Dickerson made his announcement on 22 May this year, he made a promise to travel to every locality across the entire electorate. That is no small promise. There are 131 localities across the 17,353 square kilometres of the electorate.

Thursday 30 August marked exactly 100 days since Mr. Dickerson made his announcement and at the end of the travelling for the day, the odometer clicked over 10,000km of election travelling so far. To be exact, the odometer on Mr. Dickerson’s election vehicle ticked over to 17,621km. On the day the announcement was made, his odometer was on 6,621km and Mr. Dickerson has noted approximately 1,000km of non-election travel during the campaign so far (mainly related to a non-election related trip to Sydney).

This average of 100km per day of election travel demonstrates the commitment Mr. Dickerson has to ensuring that, if elected, he can be true representative for the entire electorate.

He has travelled and met with people at the extreme North of the electorate in Bundemar and Gin Gin. He has talked to farmers at the western edge of the electorate in Dandaloo. He has travelled to the Eastern most edge of the electorate to meet with the Lue Action Group and even gone over the electoral boundary to Kandos where a group was particularly keen to meet with the potential member for Dubbo. He has met with farmers in Eurimbla which is almost at the Southern edge of the electorate. He has held multiple meetings in the larger population centres such as Trangie; Gulgong; Wellington; Mudgee and Dubbo. He has called in to a pub in Goolma and a wind farm at Bodangora. He has visited the Post Office at Eumungerie and the graveyard at Stuart Town. Residents of Tallawang and Buckaroo have had the chance to discuss issues with Mr. Dickerson. Two kangaroos have had a close brush with his vehicle on his travels but luckily, they haven’t impeded his travels. There is no doubt that he has made a huge commitment to travel the electorate and is honouring that commitment.

“I made a promise to travel to all ends of the electorate and I am keeping that promise. I am receiving invitations from all across the electorate and I am also knocking on doors at various farms; businesses and houses across the electorate. I have received incredibly positive responses from everyone I have met with so far and everyone is pleased that I have made the effort to spend time with them. Some visits take only half an hour but there are times when a visit might go for a couple of hours. People are incredibly generous with their time and I thank them for that. I will continue to travel the electorate right up until the election and then, if I am elected, I promise that I will continue to travel the electorate to stay in touch.”

Mr. Dickerson readily advertises his mobile phone number and e-mail address and is active on social media and encourages anyone that wants to see him to contact him and he will arrange a visit.

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