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axxis adds another electric vehicle (EV) to their fleet

Owner of axxis, Mathew Dickerson, has been a progressive advocate of hybrid and electric vehicles for more than fifteen years and has used these vehicles personally; in his businesses and during his time as Mayor of Dubbo City Council. He was the first Mayor in Australia to use an electric hybrid and then the first Mayor in the nation to use an all-electric car.

axxis has had a history of being progressive with vehicle choices. In 2005, axxis was the first business in Dubbo to add a hybrid vehicle to their fleet with the purchase of a Toyota Prius Hybrid. Jump forward to 2018 and axxis was the first business in Dubbo to add a Tesla to their range of vehicles and now, with the addition of the Nissan LEAF to their vehicle line-up, axxis is the first business in Dubbo to have multiple electric vehicles in their fleet. The LEAF was purchased from Western Plains Automotive.

“Over the past fifteen years, the technology has been progressing and I believe we owe it to future generations to use technology that is kinder to our planet. Over those fifteen years I have used a total of eight electric or hybrid vehicles from six different manufacturers and they have all addressed the issue from a different angle but they have all been focused on trying to change the accepted norm in motor vehicles. The modern electric vehicle is delivering a paradigm shift in the way cars are powered and I see this as the way of the future,” said Mr. Dickerson.

The axxis fleet now contains two EVs and several hybrid vehicles and these hybrids are being replaced with electric vehicles when each vehicle is due for replacement.

The Manager of axxis, Xander Peters, is also excited by the new addition to the fleet. “It is amazing to work for an organisation that ‘drinks their own lemonade’ with axxis being a technology leader in products that we sell and also using products that are at the leading edge of technology. It is also refreshing to work in an environment that places customers; service delivery; leadership and the planet above the almighty dollar.”

The 2nd generation Nissan LEAF is a perfect vehicle for short errands around Dubbo. It has a range of just under 300km and can be charged for free at the NRMA Fast Charger at the Western Plains Cultural Centre or charged from any normal power point. NRMA also has free Fast Chargers at locations surrounding Dubbo including Parkes; Coonabarabran; Orange; Bathurst and under construction in Mudgee.

Contact: Mathew Dickerson 0418 628 439 (0418 MATHEW)


Mathew Dickerson at the NRMA Fast Charger at the WPCC with the Nissan LEAF


The Nissan LEAF being charged with the NRMA Fast Charger

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