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Dubbo residents outstrip the Aussie thirst for iPhones

COVID-19 has hit sales of smartphones with a 14 per cent reduction in worldwide shipments for the fourth quarter of the 2020 financial year. 285 million smartphones were shipped from April to June this year with Samsung taking the biggest hit of 30 per cent. Huawei only suffered a small reduction of 5 per cent in deliveries which was enough for it to claim first place for worldwide shipments – the first time in nine years that a company other than Samsung or Apple has led the worldwide market.

The Australian market looks somewhat different to the worldwide market. Not since the days when Nokia and BlackBerry led the market last decade has any company rivalled Apple in topping the volume of shipments. The current pandemic has changed very little with Apple leading the market with more than double the sales of Samsung during the last quarter with those two brands making up 78 per cent of the overall market. In Australia, Huawei sat a distant third followed by Oppo.

An analysis of sales over the same period for axxis shows that the Dubbo region supported Apple at an even higher rate than the Australian market with an Apple to Samsung sales ratio of 2.65 to 1.

“I have many clients with a confused look on their face when I tell them that Apple is only number three in worldwide shipments,” said axxis founder, Mathew Dickerson. “They are confused because so many of their friends and relatives have an iPhone and it doesn’t match their real-world experience but when you realise that Australia makes up less than one per cent of the worldwide market, what happens in Australia does not have a major bearing on worldwide shipments.”

An analysis of phone colours also makes for interesting reading. Once upon a time when you bought a phone you chose it on features and just accepted whatever colour was available. Those days are long gone! Phones now come in a variety of colours but, in much the same way that the top car colours are white (38 per cent); black (19 per cent) and grey (13 per cent), most people are conservative with their choice of phone colour.

Black phones topped the sales chart with 41 per cent followed by grey at 11 per cent and white at 10 per cent. Keep in mind that these figures are skewed by the fact that some phones are only available in black. Following these colours are a variety of options that people have chosen. Purple; green; red; yellow…the list goes on.

Xander Peters, Manager of axxis, commented: “Phones are almost as much a fashion accessory as they are a practical tool and many people look at colour nearly as closely as they look at features. Keeping a variety of colours and accessories to suit is important for our client satisfaction.”

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