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Thirtieth anniversary celebrations featuring special guest Dr Karl Kruszelnicki

As axxis celebrates thirty years in business, clients will be the ones taking home the presents

On Saturday 15 February, axxis will be celebrating thirty years in business. Although Mathew Dickerson started his first micro-business in 1980 when in his first year of high school, he counts the start date of his ‘real’ business career as 4 December 1989 when M.A.D. Industries was born.

To celebrate those 30 years in business with the six businesses he has created, the day of festivities will run from 9am to 4pm where clients will be the ones celebrating with $20,000 of prizes.

At the axxis store in Dubbo Square, the day of celebration will feature:

  • Live appearance by one of Australia’s National Living Treasures, regularly voted as one of Australia’s most trusted people, science communicator and author of 45 books, Dr Karl Kruszelnicki.
    • The first fifty people to visit the Dr Karl desk on the day will receive a free signed copy of Dr Karl’s latest book, ‘Dr Karl’s Random Road Trip Through Science’.
    • Dr Karl will be in store from 10am to 2pm, and will be most happy to talk Science/Medicine/Engineering with all comers.
    • As an added bonus, the first fifty people to receive Dr Karl’s latest book will also receive a copy of Mathew Dickerson’s latest book, ‘Tech Talk 2020’.
  • A draw for one lucky client to win an iPad Pro 11” valued at $1,500.
  • Ten clients will also win a $100 axxis gift voucher.
  • The first five hundred people to arrive on the day will be able to spin the prize wheel to win a prize from a pool including caps; t-shirts; keyrings; balls; pop grips and more.
  • At 11am an official cake-cutting ceremony will be held with well-known local resident, Daryl Coxon, performing the inaugural slicing of the cake.
    • Mathew credits Daryl with the initial idea of selling mobile phones way back in 1989.
  • Pooka Entertainment will be providing further entertainment throughout the day.
  • Prizes totalling $20,000 will be given away to customers on the day.

“It is an exciting day for our staff and all of the previous staff that have provided wonderful service to residents in regional NSW across thirty years,” said axxis founder and Director, Mathew Dickerson. “I have always been proud to walk the footpaths of cities and towns in our service area knowing that we make a positive difference to so many people in our region.”

Mr Coxon further commented, “Many people forget their roots but I well remember a trip to the Adelaide Grand Prix in 1989 when I suggested to Mathew that he should start selling mobile phones. He obviously took my suggestion seriously and has connected almost 70,000 phones for people over that time. I will be honoured to cut the cake for the anniversary celebration.”

“When I built my first radio transmitter-receiver, it was the size of a large toaster. Today, your average smartphone has four of them – each one smaller than the head of pin. (One is for voice, one is for data, one is for Wi-Fi and the last is for Bluetooth.) I wonder what we will witness in the next thirty years. I reckon there’s a good chance we might use Black Holes or Dark Matter or Dark Energy,” said Dr Karl.

The current manager of axxis is Xander Peters who finished off by saying: “We have an amazing team at axxis. I find it a privilege and an honour to help the people of Dubbo and the surrounding region. Our team has the combined experience of over one hundred years working with Telstra so we believe we have more experience and more knowledge than any other telecommunications outlet in regional NSW. Although I have only been working for Mathew for the past three years, I have learnt more about business in this time than in my entire professional career. I am looking forward to helping him celebrate thirty years of achievement.”

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