Focus on making your initial customer service the absolute best in the market. This service will lead to incredibly loyal clients, and your business will succeed as a natural result of this.

Cisco Systems is a prime example of an incredibly successful company that initially focused on delivering whatever a client required. No problem was ever too hard for them to resolve. No challenge too great. As the company quickly grew, they gained a reputation for excellence in customer service. Their products were dearer than others on the market, but clients kept coming back time and time again. They wanted to deal with someone who would solve their problems. It is no surprise then that over 70 percent of the Internet is built on Cisco products.

I saw a prime example of the opposite on a recent trip to Auckland. I needed a better video camera mic for a presentation I was doing in New Zealand. I walked down Queen Street and came across a business that dealt with cameras only. It seemed perfect. I explained my requirements to the salesperson and said I needed it today. He admitted he didn’t know much, but he would have a look at a new Sennheiser remote mic they had in stock. After a quick look at the NZ$549 device, he said it wouldn’t work.

I thought it might work and asked if we could have a look at the box. He reluctantly got the box down, and I opened it and found the receiver required a 6.3 mm audio plug. I knew my camera had a 3.5 mm audio plug. I asked if a 6.3 mm–3.5 mm audio cable would work. He said that wouldn’t work and then directed me to another store further up Queen Street.

I was almost certain this would have worked, so I went back to my hotel and looked on the Internet. I sent an e-mail to Sennheiser explaining my requirements, and—you guessed it—one of the products they recommended was the exact one I had been looking at. Needless to say, I found another retailer to purchase it from. For two minutes of research, the salesperson would have secured a good sale for their business.

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