SLAM is a breakthrough toolkit to contract and price managed services

It is a comprehensive Service Level Agreement Model – a “field manual” exclusively for Managed Services Providers, developed by a fellow Managed Services Provider.

SLAM DVD, and its supporting book, provide all the best practices, models and templates needed to implement an SLA-based Managed Services business. It includes an SLA Contract Template, Pricing Model, Welcome Letter and Maintenance Report Templates, plus a collection of videos of MSP staff sharing their proven SLA processes.

Still operating predominantly as a Break-Fix business?

Then you know first hand how it’s limiting your business.

  • You spend too much time supporting low revenue, high demand clients 
  • Hourly billing is tedious to administer and less and less profitable
  • You’ve begun to lose business to competitors offering an SLA model 

You know you need to make the move to Managed Services, but the comprehensive business makeover required seems just too daunting. 

As an IT Service Provider ourselves, we learned the hard way what it takes to evolve to a Managed Services model. It took nearly five years to design our SLA Model. Along the way, we built from scratch the new pricing models, contract templates, customer communications and service offerings we needed to meet our clients’ needs.

Now, our hindsight and best practices are yours in the SLAM DVD.

It’s the secret weapon that will put your transition to Managed Services into overdrive. Put the SLAM DVD resources to work in your business and you can:

  • Jump start new business with proven SLA contracts and templates
  • Improve profitability with tried-and-true IT Service pricing models
    Simplify client support with tools and templates for efficient services delivery


It’s never been easier to make the move to Managed Services. Get your SLAM DVD today!

$200 AUD

So you’ve made the move to a Managed Services model

But has your business taken off like you’d hoped as a result? If you’re like many other Managed Services Providers, despite your best efforts, you still find yourself:

  • Struggling to finalise contracts more efficiently
  • Tracking SLA performance with tedious spreadsheets
  • Continuously fine-tuning pricing models for optimal profitability

It took our IT Service Provider business nearly five years to crack the code on designing a profitable Managed Services model. After numerous iterations, we developed a consistent set of pricing models, contract templates and performance metrics that successfully transformed our business.

Now, we’ve packed all these extensive materials into the SLAM DVD so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Regardless of where you are in your transition to Managed Services, the SLAM DVD will enable you to:

  • Demonstrate end-client value with SLA contract templates that clarify services rendered
  • Validate profit and business scalability with a comprehensive pricing model
  • Save costs via best practices for services delivery and business process improvements

Everything you need to finally realise the full potential of your Managed Services business is yours on the SLAM DVD. Order your copy of SLAM today!

Why Services Providers choose SLAM

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