Can someone please tell me why we need this ham-fisted amalgamation?

All the State Government rhetoric seems an oversimplification.

“There will be more money,” we hear them exclaim, perhaps in desperation;

But at best the figures are rubbery – and at worst a fabrication!

The people want to be shown the savings in a simple calculation;

And honouring an election promise seems a reasonable expectation?


But instead we end up with the mass removal of democratisation;

Despite the thousands who have died in wars to protect our population

From the dictators and oligarchs intent on total devastation

Of the way of life that we have held so dear since before Federation.


Yet we now have unelected faceless puppets leading the administration;

Which will slow our current progress and deliver guaranteed stagnation;

For you can’t replace the passion of Councillors high on motivation;

None of whom were doing the job for the miniscule remuneration.

They throw their hearts and souls into their secondary occupation;

And walk and talk in their communities performing real consultation;


But they’ve been replaced with a bureaucrat shuffling documentation;

Which will leave residents disenfranchised and lead to total alienation.


So where do our communities now stand? What is the future incarnation?

Larger local government areas equals reduced representation.

Small towns will lose their identity and lead to their obliteration…

History shows that rates will rise amidst total demoralisation

And merged localities show little growth and possibly retardation

Community job losses will occur leading to further decimation…


And tell me again why this is happening? I can’t see past the obfuscation.

Democracy in this state drew its last breath on the day of proclamation.

And what of the pollies who rallied to conduct this scarification?

The best word to describe them starts with w and involves masturbation!

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