Anti-5G necklace to protect you against…what? 

The BlackBerry is dead! Long live innovation. 

Avoid these passwords! 

Sex in space – strictly for research. 

Wardle said his blood would curdle if a hurdle was placed in front of Wordle…or has that all changed now? 

Oh No! Changes to Wordle by the New York Times. 

Coles delivering your groceries…by drone. 

Printable lipstick to perfectly match the colour of your outfit. 

Roboburgers flipping burgers at a vending machine near you. 

You may not be able to make your dog immortal, but what about a clone? 

Why not collect solar power in space where the energy is eleven times stronger. 

EU moves forward with a one charger fits all plan. 

Gravity batteries to solve our energy storage solutions. 

Tesla Model Y changing the EV landscape in Australia. 

Finally a technology solution to the offside call in soccer! 

New emojis for 2022: Shaking head and mean goose and 29 others. 

Electric passenger planes are being further developed. 

Internet issues with leap seconds. 

Use a Bluetooth tracker…to track your luggage the home of a baggage handler! 

AI catching people sneaking around with undeclared swimming pools. 

How many megawatt-hours is one wind turbine capable of producing in 24 hours? 

A text scam known as ‘pig butchering’ is costing victims millions of dollars. 

How is Australia Post going to help with mobile phone black spots? 

Ask for a custom 3D-printed knee joint for your next knee surgery. 

Lab-grown chicken meat officially declared safe. 

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