VotE Purple Paper Issue 1: 30 December 2018 

Fighting for 24-hour policing in two towns an election promise

As the independent candidate for the Dubbo electorate, I pledge to fight for 24-hour policing in Narromine and Wellington if I am successful in the 2019 state election after identifying public safety as a top priority. I promise to be the ‘voice of the people’ in an ongoing push by residents for increased policing in both towns after I have learnt of the public’s desperate state during my continuing listening tour of the electorate.


These communities deserve 24-hour policing and the community feedback has been incredibly strong. I am but the voice of the people and people are frustrated and concerned with the lack of resourcing.

“These communities deserve 24-hour policing and the community feedback has been incredibly strong.”

Wellington resident and President of the Wellington Business Chamber, Barry Jeffery, is pleased to learn that I will join the fight for a 24-hour police station.


“Wellington Police numbers have been low for too long and the people of Wellington have had enough. Many people have been robbed on multiple occasions and many elderly people live in fear of leaving their homes empty for even a short time. The people of Wellington are tax paying citizens and deserve better. Wellington now has two correctional centres which creates extra work for the already over worked police officers of this town and often leaves the people of Wellington without a quick response Police presence,” Mr Jeffery said.


Kat Barnes, Coordinator Narromine Crime & Neighbourhood Watch, is also of the belief a 24-hour police station would bring a much-needed sense of security to community members who are concerned for the safety of their family and property. “Police presence in our town conveys a positive message to residents, especially those who have been victims of crime. Increased hours, more officers and better response times are CRITICAL for Narromine right now. I believe 24-hour policing is not much to ask considering the amount of crime occurring in our community,” Ms Barnes said.


Local businessman, Ron Moore, continued the sentiment of frustration. “Unfortunately, our local criminals appear wiser than the current local Member gives them credit for with the majority of crimes taking place when the Police Station is shut. The current Government has let down their constituents and the Wellington community by failing to provide a 24-hour Police Station.”


I endeavour to represent each community until a resolution of the public’s satisfaction is established. The current Government has had almost eight years to solve this issue but have meekly accepted the lack of resources.


My intention is to use my position, if elected as a representative for this electorate, to continue to push for this outcome until it is resolved to the satisfaction of both communities. It is simply not good enough to accept that towns the size of Wellington and Narromine should accept less than 24-hour policing. Too often regional areas are told that we need to accept lower levels of service. I will continue to fight for equity and fairness and ensuring that regional areas are given a fair go.

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