If you want clients who drive BMWs, go out and buy a BMW. If you want clients who focus on buying quality products, then make sure that you are a purchaser and user of quality products. To be prosperous, you need to look prosperous. Conversely, if you want to be known as having the cheapest prices in your industry, then all of your messaging needs to scream out cheap. You need to drive a cheap car; you need to use cheap business cards and make sure that the message is consistent.

Honey attracts bees, and you will attract clients who are similar to your thought processes. As you think, so shall you be.

Very early on in my business days, I attended the premises of a potential client to quote them on some cabling. As I was arriving, I noticed a competitor just leaving the premises who had obviously visited to quote on the same work. He was driving a very old and tattered looking van with sign writing that was faded and jaded. He wore scruffy clothes. I saw his quotation book in his hand, and it was something picked up from a newsagent rather than a professionally printed book. I said hello as I walked past, and I was very confident of winning this job over this competition.

I had my nice shiny van with professional sign writing, and I was wearing my uniform and had my professional quote book. I spoke with the potential client, analysed his needs, and produced a professional quote. I was expecting to be awarded the job instantly.

I learned later that not only did we not win that work, but the person I saw leaving the premises actually won the work. I couldn’t believe it. I arrogantly asked myself how could anyone who looked that unprofessional win work over the professional image that I had created? Upon reflection, the premises that I visited looked a little untidy, and the owner dressed roughly. I learned that he had actually chosen to do business with someone he saw that was similar to him.

And so it is—you attract that what you are.
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